Maximum Fantasy Sports Unveils Lingerie Football League FanZone

Maximum Fantasy Sports releases its FanZone social application for the Lingerie Football League.

Maximum Fantasy Sports and the Lingerie Football League formed an alliance in 2010 to help co-promote their complimentary businesses. The first such step is the LFL FanZone application. The FanZone is a Lingerie Football League specific social networking application providing a platform for the League, Teams and Players to communicate directly with their devoted Fans. Twitter may provide a voice for NFL players to communicate with their legion of following fans. However, it is not a good vehicle for actually interacting with players and getting to know them at 140 characters at a time.

Within the FanZone, Fans will be able to personally connect with LFL coaches, staff and the Commissioner in addition to following and interacting with their favorite team(s) and players. Fans also have the ability to interact with one another; sharing pictures from games, tailgates, photo sessions,... Fans can get all the LFL GameDay information before it hits the wire, GameDay Tailgating Tips, Team Scouting Reports, Injury news and much more.

Maximum Fantasy Sports offers NFL fantasy football leagues and has a member base that largely overlaps with the Lingerie Football League's member base and vice-versa. With this symmetry, this alliance is a perfect match. "Our developers built the best fantasy football product in the business, so building a quality social application seemed like a walk in the park" said Bill Parsons, Maximum Fantasy Sports owner.

With the LFL FanZone in place in early July, Fans have over a month to follow the training camps of each LFL team as they work towards the opening game of the 2010 season in Seattle that matches the Los Angeles Temptation visiting the Seattle Mist at the Showare Center. Fans can register for the FanZone application at