Maximum Fantasy Sports, Inc
Maximum Fantasy Sports, Inc
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Industry: Sports-related Business

Founded: 2004

Maximum Fantasy Sports is THE one-stop fantasy football site on the internet. We offer fantasy football leagues that will meet exactly what you are looking for.

If you enjoy contests to show off your skills and win money, we host Public Daily, Weekly, Monthly and full season fantasy football contests. Pit your skills at picking players and outscoring your opponents for cash awards. Money....Good Money.

If you enjoy creating your own private fantasy football league configured in any way that suits you, MFS has that too. It is hard to think of many configuration options than what we have not built into our software. These leagues can be one-season leagues or Keeper leagues.

If you enjoy playing in the various fantasy football pools, we have you covered there as well. Feel free to create your own Free Survivor Pools, Confidence Pools, Pick 'em Pools and Squares pools. As with our fantasy leagues, we have built in many creative options to add uniqueness and enjoyment to your fantasy football experience.

No other site offers the short-term Public fantasy football contests, long-term fantasy football contests, Private full-season and Keeper leagues and the various fantasy football pools that we do.
Maximum Fantasy Sports ("MFS") is an online fantasy football league provider. Maximum Fantasy Sports provides the opportunity for league members to configure private fantasy football leagues (free and pay) and/or join public fantasy football leagues (free and cash prizes). Public fantasy football leagues run Daily, Weekly, Monthly as well as the Full regular season. In addition, it also offers free NFL Confidence Pools, Pick 'em Pools, Survivor Pools and Super Bowl Square Pools.

The flexibility of the league configuration options is what separates MFS from every other fantasy football provider. MFS has options that no one company has and has more flexibility in many of the options that are shared across the industry. These can be used in Commissioner leagues and are also used for variety in some of the various public leagues offered for short-term or season-long leagues.

In addition to offering its own fantasy football leagues, MFS offers a White Labeling service for other companies to offer a fantasy football product without the cost of development and processing. MFS has also built a sports social network.

One league is NEVER enough when it comes to fantasy football so get all of your leagues and pools in one place - Maximum Fantasy Sports!